GoInstant is Sponsoring Node Knockout 2013 (Giving away Awesome Prizes!)

Node Knockout 2013 is an awesome hackathon taking place November 8-10. It's a virtual event, focused on using node.js, with participants from around the world. We're very excited to be sponsoring Node Knockout this year and looking forward to getting as involved as we can.

For starters, we're offering prizes to all the winners, namely free lifetime developer accounts to GoInstant and hoodies. Check out all the prizes and the different categories.

But more importantly than that, we are big supporters of the Node community and want to continue to be actively involved. During the hackathon we'll have GoInstant developers standing by to help people out, and we'll be contributing blog content to the Node Knockout site as well.

We hope participants will use GoInstant -- you can sign up here to check it out: https://goinstant.com/signup. We think it'll help people build some awesome realtime, collaborative apps faster (which is always good during a 48-hour hackathon!)

Oh, and one more thing.

We have an extra super amazing prize that we're going to give to the best app that uses GoInstant. Thanks to the awesome folks at Tessel, we'll be able to give away a "One of Everything" Tessel (inc. the Tessel itself + 12 modules) when its available next year (est. Spring 2014)!

What is Tessel?

Tessel is an internet-connected microcontroller programmable in JavaScript that enables developers to extend the reach of the web to physical things. Since Tessel is compatible with Node.js and leverages the Node Package Manager, adding additional capabilities is easy easy as plugging in > a Tessel module and npm installing its firmware.

We saw Jon McKay (co-founder @ Tessel) present at Realtime Conf, and were blown away! We can't wait to give away the Tessel (and we're getting one for ourselves too so we can build realtime, multi-user experiences with hardware!)

So, the rules are simple:

  • If you use GoInstant during the Node Knockout hackathon, you have a chance to win. (Ideally you sign up in advance and let us know, so we can get you access to our beta features and extra docs beforehand.)

  • You'll need to tell us you're using GoInstant and then point us to your project (when it's available).

  • We'll have the entire GoInstant team vote on which app we think is the best, looking at creativity, innovation and best use of GoInstant.

  • One team will win the Tessel prize and we'll have it shipped to you when it's available.

That's it!

We're super pumped about participating in Node Knockout this year, and excited that we could work with Tessel to get you an awesome extra prize, along with everything else that Node Knockout is offering.

Have any questions? Just email me at ben@goinstant.com.