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GoInstant combines a backend-as-a-service, pub/sub messaging and client-side components to take the complexity out of building real-time, collaborative apps. You don’t need a server or backend infrastructure, GoInstant handles that and provides the tools to build apps fast.

The web is going realtime and collaborative. We see it everywhere with Google Docs, Facebook and elsewhere. Your users want instant information and they want to connect with other users faster than ever before. GoInstant delivers that connectivity and interactivity to your users.

See How Goinstant Works

Move one of the maps or search for a location below. GoInstant is synchronizing and storing the state of the maps in realtime.

User 1
User 2

Multi-User Management

GoInstant’s API was built from the ground-up with multiplayer web applications in mind, meaning authentication, presence, and rooms are baked into the very core of the product. We handle the complications of user lifecycles so you don’t have to.

Real-time Messaging

Sending messages between users is an important feature of any multiplayer application. GoInstant treats this as a first-class feature. It's easy to send and receive messages between two or many users. It's low latency, it's organized, and it scales automatically.

Synchronized Data

GoInstant synchronizes data between every user in a room. There's a complete pub/sub message queue on top of this, making it simple to know who's reading and writing which data. It's organized into a hierarchical key/value store which supports JavaScript primitive data types like Objects, Strings and Booleans.

Access Control

GoInstant provides a fine-grained access control layer on top of your data structure. We allow the developer to upload a schema that defines which users and groups can perform operations on different levels of keys within the hierarchy. With built-in variable replacement for users and rooms, it's easy to develop a permissions schema for dynamic data.

End-to-End Security

Security is critical. At GoInstant our #1 priority is your trust. That's why GoInstant is architected from the ground up with enterprise-grade security; using the same stringent data security standards as salesforce.com.


With GoInstant you only need to worry about the features that make your application unique. We'll handle the reliable, and highly available message delivery. Whether you're reaching 100 daily active users or millions, your users will receive everything.

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